Research & Development


Being a research driven enterprise with our inherent passion
for chemistry, our R&D is the backbone of our organisation.
Run by a highly qualified team of professionals, custom synthesis is performed in accordance with the new generation API requirements. With world class capabilities and technological insight, we add value to the customer by reducing the transition time between drug discovery and development.

Survival R&D center, is a dedicated facility of 30,000 sq.ft Area

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Bench space of 36 fume hoods & 16 doctarates

Fully Equipped

Sophisticated ADL with LCMS - triple quadrupole with ION trap, HPLC'S, GC's, IR& UV

Innovation 24x7

Dynamic team of 40 scientists working on innovative routes of synthesis & process development

Synthesis Feasibility

Within 24 hours

Unit Operations

Filteration , Drying, High Vacuum, Short Path distillations & Fractionations


High tech literature , search with sci finder & from reputed database

Advanced Synthesis

Chiral catalyst, high pressure reaction, organometallic reactions

Pilot Facility

High Tech ALKYLIsocyanate Synthesis