About Us

Meet you. Not the one reading this. But the you, who you can potentially BE - a transformed, empowered and awe-inspiring YOU!

A you who reaches into the inner sanctum of the mind to manifest your deepest desires.

A you who is committed to discovering your highest potential, and willing to ascend a path of spiritual awakening. A you who is in tune with the universe, unleashing the infinite possibilities of your subconscious mind and inner power.

A you who journeys past the odds, and celebrates every awakened moment, as the warm rush of joy and peace flows triumphantly through your body.

The you who is right here, right now. Because you are meant to be. The Universe has conspired to bring you and me together. I am Shreans Daga, founder of the Shreans Daga Foundation. And I thank you for bestowing upon me the privilege to empower you in becoming the very best version of you.


Shreans’ belief in the power of transformation stems from a very personal and life-altering experience. It led him to transcend into a journey of learning, healing, transforming, and ultimately, of welcoming a spiritual rebirth.

When he turned 19, he was faced with a serious medical condition that derailed his life and everyone in it. While his friends were experiencing a carefree world as teenagers, he was experiencing his biggest challenge. That of survival.

It was fate that led him to a chance meeting with Brahmarshi Pitamaha Patriji, the Founder of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement. It was Patriji who introduced Shreans to SHREANS. Bhahmarshi Patriji awakened a power within him to heal himself completely, without any medical intervention. He empowered Shreans to discover and activate his inner potential. Every moment that Shreans spent learning under Patriji was an eye-opening and enlightening spiritual experience. His teachings and daily meditations raised Shreans’ frequency, inviting into his life, people and situations for his highest good.

About Shreans Daga Foundation

The last 25 years have taken Shreans on an enriching journey where he has extensively researched on Spirituality, Meditation, Healing and the Power of Manifestation, and learnt various tools and techniques under the guidance of Spiritual Masters from all over the world. Shreans soon realised that true power lies within him, not outside of him and he feels immensely blessed to be gifted with this powerful knowledge.

Today, Shreans is honoured to share his gift with you and to introduce you to YOU.

You have unlimited power, tap into it. The universe has infinite possibilities for you, tune into it. You have the power to heal yourself, nurture it. You are worthy. You matter.

Through the Shreans Daga Foundation, Shreans hopes to act as a catalyst for your spiritual awakening, growth and success. To guide and empower. To unlock the treasure within you. To inspire in you an awareness so powerful, that you joyfully and easily create the reality you desire. To give you the tools, knowledge, information and experiences that will unleash the infinite possibilities within you.

The purpose of the Shreans Daga Foundation is to bring Science and Spirituality together, with a mission to guide you to recognise your own inner power to empower yourself and create your own reality.

Together, let’s welcome this new dimension of change, celebrate life, and open up the pathways of your boundless inner potential.


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Associates & friends that empowered the journey of Shreans
Daga’s spiritual growth.

Thriive Art & Soul

Shreans is the Executive Director at Thriive, India's No.1 Holistic Mental Wellness platform, that connects you to the top-most curated and verified mental health therapists. Along with regular Counselling and Life Coaching services, Thriive offers a unique combination of Holistic Mental Wellness therapies, which include Tarot Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Emotional Freedom Technique and Inner Child Healing.


Pyramid Valley International

Shreans is the Vice-Chairman of Pyramid Valley International, a not-for-profit spiritual organisation in Bangalore, which houses a one-of-a-kind high-energy vortex pyramid for meditation, serving individuals, societies and organisations in their quest for self-realisation. The mega-pyramid constructed in this pristine beautiful valley accommodates 5000 meditators together. Free meals (annadaana) and economically priced accommodation facilities are provided to one and all.


Quantum Life University

Newton Kondaveti, the world-renowned proponent of Past Life Regression, has conceptualised Quantum Life University. Shreans is actively involved in introducing hundreds of people to Past Life Regression Therapy. Newton calls Shreans an ‘associate from many lives’ – and Shreans abides by that sentiment in its true spirit. Quantum Life University envisions a world awakened by innate wisdom transcending the realms of the current states of humanity.



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