Heal your mind and body with our extensive compilation
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Meditation is the key to unlock the mystery of existence and open the door towards self-realisation. It is an awakening of an altered state of consciousness, wherein you attract spontaneous healings, out-of-body experiences and mystical moments into your life. In this heightened state of consciousness, transformation happens.

Every moment is an opportunity to be inspired. Every meditation is an opportunity to create the life of your dreams.

The Universe graciously invites you to explore our Meditations and Empower Yourself!

Meditation isn’t about ‘getting’ and ‘making’, it is about BEING – being in the energy of love, gratitude, joy and faith. It is in this state that you consciously choose to live from your ‘Highest Self’. And that is when you recognise your true potential to manifest your deepest desires and live an extraordinary life.

The purpose of meditation is to slow down your brain waves and transcend beyond the thinking, analytical mind. It is about consciously relaxing your body while keeping your mind awake. You are fortunate to be the only living species who has the power to shift your awareness inwards and focus on your breath. When you combine awareness with consciousness, your normal breath evolves into cosmic energy, which heals you at all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Meditation is a tool to transform your emotions, independent of outside circumstances. When you do that for a sustained period of time, magically the outside situation also changes. It’s a law. Life is not happening to you - life is happening from you. During meditation, you suppress more than 1000 stress-related genes and release endorphins and oxytocin which makes you feel happy, grateful and in love. When you are happy and grateful for no reason, the universe gives you more reasons to be happy. In this high vibrational state, you become less matter and more energy, less particle and more waves - and hence you are able to tune into the Quantum field. The Universe is governed by the Law of Attraction. Your thoughts send the signal out, but it is your elevated emotions that draw the events back to you. Whatever you feel about, you bring about.

Through meditation, you release lifetimes of repressed trauma. Meditation is a discipline to eradicate this backlog of accumulated stress, anxieties and fears. And just like any other discipline, meditation brings you best results when you make it a part of your daily routine and commit yourself to it. Regular practice of meditation optimises the functioning of your mind, body and intellect. Invest in yourself – it pays the best interest. Meditation also makes you calmer and more focused, increases your productivity, enhances your efficiency, elevates your emotional state and empowers you with a feeling of invincibility.

Meditation reinforces the fact that you are the creator of your every thought, feeling and action. It also makes you revisit all your learned behaviours, limiting beliefs and conditioned thinking patterns and empowers you with tools and techniques to take control of your life and be the creator of your own destiny. Rather than living a life of cause and effect, now you are causing an effect.

Once you realise how powerful you are and how capable you are to create the life of your dreams, you start to look at the world with wonder. Meditation then seems like a never-ending fascinating journey that every cell in your body wants you to keep exploring. As they say, ‘Life is a journey, not a destination.'

I, Shreans Daga invite you to take this enriching, self-empowering exploratory journey with me.

Connect to Source Energy

Connect to Source Energy

Clasp your hands - Cross your legs and simply observe your normal..
  • 60 Min
Dissolving your Ego

Dissolving your Ego

Clasp your hands - Cross your legs and simply observe your normal..
  • 49min