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Coke Batteries

Capable of configuring various coke oven batteries and a pilot coking furnace based on chamber dimensions and the method of heat tracing or ducts.

  • Classic Coke Oven Batteries
  • Batteries for Heat Recovery/ Non-recovery/ types
  • Pilot testing Ovens
  • Sole Heated ovens
  • Coke Quenching

Thermal Technical Services

  • Supervision during lining of Coke Oven Batteries
  • Drying & Heating up of Coke Oven Batteries
  • Temperature & Pressure control of Coke Oven Batteries
  • Audit of Coke Oven Batteries

Chemical Industry

  • Coarse & Fine Condensation Technology
  • Primary & Final Gas Cooling
  • Tar Separation from Coke Oven Gas
  • Gas Transportation
  • Washing out of BTX Hydrocarbons from Coke Oven Gas
  • Processing of Phenol-Ammonia plants, incl. biological wastewater treatment plants
  • De-sulphurization Technology
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